Friday, May 25, 2007


This is Canaan with his cousin Katie in LA. Katie is four, and Canaan was very interested in the cute girl who was a little closer to his size than the rest of us adult-folks. I thought this picture of Katie and Canaan was just adorable!

Big Boy in a Big Toy

Canaan loves to walk! He has loved standing since he was just a few months old. Now, he struts around in his new walker that Memaw gave him! He immediately started walking backward, as is common when the babies are first introduced to it. Now, he likes to stroll around forward. He isn't as fast on the carpet, but can get along quite well on the flat linoleum in the kitchen/dining room. Here he is showing us how much fun he is having and how cute he knows he is!
Canaan also started sitting up for extended periods on the 11th of May. He now has started learning how to fall over from the sitting position and not hurt himself. Canaan is just wowing us every week with his new abilities and discoveries. We just can't keep our eyes off him as he grows into such a wonderful little boy! Who knew parenting could be this much fun? Who knew we could love this little boy so much?!

Visiting Memaw and Grandpa in LA

At the beginning of May, Dougle was presented an opportunity to go to a Character Counts seminar in LA. For us, it was an even greater opportunity and excuse to go to LA to visit his mom and step-dad at the same time. So, ROAD TRIP it was! Canaan has been a wonderful traveler ever since the first time we took him to Dallas when he was just three weeks old! Once again, he proved to be a laid-back and excellent traveler. In the car, Canaan slept, played with his toys, and learned to shake rattles! Once at Memaw and Grandpa's he was loved upon and spoiled even more than ever- if that was even possible! We had such a good time catching up with Cindy and Fred, and they had a great time spending time with their newest grandchild! While we were there, Memaw and Grandpa got to see Canaan's first tooth come in! It came with lots of extra fussing, but they were troopers and did an great job soothing his pain and misery. Canaan especially liked the outdoors and the warmth in sunny LA. That actually proved to be the ultimate teething soother- a walk outside with the grandparents! While our time there seemed short, we had a wonderful visit and were blessed with safe journeys both there and back!

Soothing the Teething Pain

On May 2nd, Canaan sprouted his first tooth! We were visiting his MeMaw and Grandpa in California when she discovered a sharp protrusion coming through his bottom gums. Canaan had been a little grumpy for the ten days prior, but we thought it had to do with traveling and other changes. Then we found out it was all because of teething! About 10 days later, on May 12th, we felt his second tooth coming in right next to the first one. Canaan doesn't like his mouth being touched right now, but both teeth seem to be coming in wonderfully. I guess I never realized that the teeth took so long to fully come through the gums, but they are still taking their time cutting all the way through. One thing we learned really quickly is that they are very sharp, so we try to keep our fingers away from his mouth now!

Canaan Eating Green Beans

As promised, here is the cutest video. This is Canaan's first time to eat anything other than cereal. He loves cereal and many veggies now, but he did not like green beans. We tried them for several days until he just cried when we put the first bite in. About a month later I tried to re-introduce green beans, hoping he would take to them better. It didn't work! Oh well, he's a wonderful eater with almost every other veggie!