Saturday, December 29, 2007

Little Stories

Well, I shared with you the overall Christmas we had. I just had a few little short stories to go with them.
Canaan and Daddy's Truck Being the MAN that he is, my hubby loves electronics and manly things like, say, trucks. So, remote control cars and helicopters really caught his attention this year. I knew it would be silly to buy him anything expensive since we are moving in a month, so I knew I'd hit the jackpot when I found one for less than $20. I immediately got it for him, thinking he and Canaan (the ultimate lover of trucks and all things with wheels) could have some real Father-Son bonding time with it. As soon as Canaan saw that Daddy was opening a truck, his jaw dropped and he uttered three times in the lowest and most drawn-out voice "TTTTRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!" It was so adorable. I snatched up the camera to try to video him saying it like that, but was too late. But the picture on the last blog entry says a lot. He just stood, repeating "TTRRUUCCKK" with his jaw wide open until we got it out of the package. (He almost had a breakdown because it took so long to get untied from the packaging.) Once we got it out and got the batteries in, Canaan was very unimpressed. This gigantic and beautiful truck ran over his little toes and moved around all by itself! Instead of this facinating Canaan, it scared him. No more remote-control truck for him. I was a bit bummed, but happy that Dougle liked it. It took about 24 hours, but Canaan eventually warmed up to the truck. I think he still prefers it when it is not moving on it's own, but I did hear Dougle and Canaan playing together with it one morning when I was upstairs enjoying a bit of sleeping in!
The Before-Christmas Gift

My mother, who was the most strict mother with my sister and I, is the most push-over of all grandmothers! It is so fun to see my mom as a grandmother. It is such a different role than I saw her as a mom. It makes me smile, laugh and shake my head! Well, Canaan was playing in the basement (my parents' bedroom) one morning and saw A CHRISTMAS PRESENT that his grandparents had got for him. He immediately recognized it as something colorful, with balls, that should be for him. He reached for the box and started motioning wildly about it. So, what could Gran-Nan do but open it up for him? "He doesn't know Christmas is supposed to be on a certain DAY." So, she struggled with unlocking the present from it's packaging (unlocking is the key word-if you've opened kid's toys recently), in front of the very excited and quickly becoming impatient Canaan. He was thrilled. It was a green, pull-toy caterpillar with three balls that spun around in circles as he pulled it around. It really was the perfect toy for our boy, because he loves pulling things behind him and he loves playing with balls. So, it was like two toys in one! What a lovely, silly Gran-Nan to give him his gift early!
My Ring
In Russia, they wear their wedding rings on their right hand, instead of their left hand. Being the picky girl that I am, I decided I didn't want to change my rings over, but wanted a new one for my other hand. I thought it would be romantic and special for my hubby to buy me a "second" wedding ring. We went shopping at James Avery and I especially liked one ring (that was more expensive than the others), but I pointed out several different rings that caught my fancy. (I did this to help my hubby-I figured he'd appreciate it- and I think he did!) Anyway, for Christmas he got me the ring that I really liked! He is the sweetest. I just love being married to my wonderful husband. He is just the best guy out there-better than I ever imagined there could be for me! I tell him all the time that he is stuck with me-and I am happy: there is no escaping me, crazy as I may get (or be)! God is just so good in giving him to me!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Farrah's Wedding

Dougle's sister was married on December 23rd in a small ceremony at her dad's place. Marriage had been in the plans for Farrah and Seth Greenberg for several months; in fact, they were originally planning for an April wedding. However, in a flurry of love and excitement to tie the knot sooner, Seth and Farrah were married last Sunday. Dougle did an amazing job in performing the ceremony. Seth's parents from Hobbs, as well as his sister and her family from Phoenix, and his grandmother were in attendance, in addition to Farrah's and Dougle's dad, Farrah's boys (Rickey and Brandon), and Canaan and I.
I just wanted to put these pictures of the ceremony on line to share them with family and friends. Congratulations Seth and Farrah! We pray that God blesses you, Farrah, Seth, Rickey, and Brandon in your new life together and in this next year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Fun!

Christmas this year was a blast! We were together with family and friends, and Canaan was old enough to enjoy all the fun. It was just perfect!
My family (Lucy's) opens presents on Christmas Eve. So as soon as it got dark, we all gathered around the Christmas tree and passed out gifts. (This year was a humongous Christmas for ALL of us!) Canaan, being the youngest, got to start. Daddy helped guide him as he opened his first gift. He wasn't really sure he was supposed to be ripping that paper, but if Daddy was doing would he. It was clothes! Always a good gift for a growing boy! All of us went around in a circle, opening gifts. Canaan played with his toys in between his opening of gifts (of which we all took turns helping him). But after 3 rounds, he was ready for bed. So, he got to enjoy the remainder of his gifts on Christmas Day! The rest of us stayed up and finished our gifts and stockings.
The next day, we had our teammates (Rob, Denyce, Malachi and Silas), as well as some old friends of ours (Althea, Phil and Herman Edwards) over for lunch. We had a great time with them and got to open presents again! (This is when Canaan and Malachi finished opening their gifts...neither made it through all their gifts the first time around!) Denyce was accused of being in her "own little world"- hiding under a blanket, feeding Silas. These demanding they are!
We all had a great day! It was so much fun to watch Canaan this year. He was able to experience Christmas a little more this year than last year. We are just so blessed with the friends and family that we have to be with through the holidays!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mommy's Model

I'm sure Dougle would be appalled to know I was going to post this picture. I just can't help myself- it is too cute. So, SHHHH! Don't tell him. I got overly ambitious this week and decided to make matching Mother-Daughter aprons for my friend and her little girl who was turning two. I haven't sewn in years but figured it would come back to me. So I went through my mom's material and chose a cute material to use, and then I started. Well, I started two nights before I wanted to have them made...maybe that was a little too late! Mom ended up bailing me out of several of my mistakes and fixing some things for me, but I got them done. We had a pattern made up for an adult sized apron, but none for a kids size apron. I tried my best to downsize the adult pattern and made a small kids' size apron on my own. I was anxious to see if it would fit properly, so I used Canaan as my model. And he made such an adorable model! Isn't he the cutest little boy ever?! Daddy didn't let him wear it for too long, but I thought the colors went well on him! Overall, I was proud of myself; the material frayed easily so I should have double hemmed it, and the kids' size apron was a little off in parts- but I still count it as a success!
PS. Did you see his big belly sticking out??!!

Growing Up!

So, this isn't a monthly update. Canaan is currently 13 1/2 months now. I just had a few things I wanted to write about since I am "WAAAAY overdue for a new post!" (Thus said Timbra.)

New Word:
Guess what? CANAAN SAID MOMMA! Horray! After adding over 30 words to his vocabulary, he has finally decided to say "Mamma." I ran downstairs in the basement and he called out, "Mamma, Mamma!" I ran up the stairs saying, "Here I am!" It was wonderful. He started signing "Mom" (not the exact sign- but something close) a few days ago. If his ball rolled under the table or he needed something, he would sign, "Mom. Help." It was cute. But now he is calling after me! Does this mean I am officially a Mommy now?!! Ornery: Canaan is just getting bigger everyday! He has a few new signs and words, some new games, and some new attitude! Today, he decided to disobey Mommy and not come when called; he just looked at me with a sparkle in his eye and slowly backed away from me. So, after he was properly disciplined (and then came to me much more willingly), Auntie Livi said that she didn't like him growing up and getting in trouble. These feelings are shared by Gran-Nan too, who in the past has offered to buy Canaan anything he wanted in a catalog after he got in trouble! Oh my! Games: Dougle was in the shower the other day. Canaan walked in the bathroom and started playing peek-a-boo with him behind the curtain. It was so cute, I had to snap a picture! Canaan just loves peek-a-boo these days. He just laughs and laughs! I just can't get enough of him some days! He also loves playing chase. He looks at you in a teasing way and then turns around and runs the other way. This means, "Chase me!" He will just go as far as he can, looking behind his shoulder the whole time to make sure you are following. If not, he kind-of giggles to get your attention and let you know he is playing with you, and that you should be playing with him!
Bible Class:
For the past few months, Canaan has been crying when I drop him off in the nursery for Bible Class. This is very sad to me, since I have always had the impression that he loves Bible Class. There were even a few times when the nursery had to page me because he wouldn't settle down enough to stay. It has got much better recently, so that he would only cry when I first dropped him off; then he would settle down and enjoy class. But now, Janie in the nursery has figured out that Canaan loves trucks. So, when we go to drop him off, she asks him if he wants a truck. Canaan immediately perks up, forgets about crying, and goes right to her! So, he now goes to Bible class without a worry! It is wonderful. Thank you Janie and all the nursery workers who allow me to enjoy my Bible class in peace!

New Teammate!

For those of you who don't already know, we have a new teammate!

Silas Jude Hindman joined the team on December 12th. He has an adorable Roman nose like his Daddy, cute lips like his mommy, and looks just like his big brother Malachi when he was born!

We are so happy for the Hindman family upon the birth of their second son. They didn't know if he would be a boy or girl until after he popped out (they wanted to be surprised)! Denyce had a C-section with their first son, but wanted to try a natural delivery again this time. She had a completely natural delivery (only local anesthetics- I am so impressed!); everything went smoothly. Unlike Dougle and I, who had our baby names picked out 2 1/2 years before we had kids, Rob and Denyce waited 24 after the birth of their son to name him! This is quite bizarre in my mind, but shows how unique our two families are, and how well we will compliment each other in Russia!


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thankful for Books

On Thanksgiving, Canaan was thankful for...books. Here are a few pictures of Canaan in the past few days, enjoying his favorite activity: reading. In one picture, he is kissing his book, right after reading it. His favorite book at the moment is his train book (featured in the picture of David reading to him). He loves trucks, with trains as a close second. He calls any vehicle with wheels a truck, and they all say 'choo choo.' Silly boy. Anyway, his train book has a picture of a train carrying a truck. He loves that page, as well as the one with the tractor in the corner of it and the apple (a new word). He has had it read to him so much, he knows gets really excited when the next page has a truck on it: he knows it is coming up!

A Family Tradition

A Martin family tradition has always been to go out the day after Thanksgiving and shop for some bargains. Here is how it goes: My dad gets a newspaper for each family that has Thanksgiving with us. We each go through our papers, cutting coupons and writing down the places we want to go and the times they open/are having their sales, and the particular item we are hoping to purchase at that store. In years past, we've had bigger items on the list: those that necessitate getting up insanely early in order to get one before everyone else. (My brother-in-law actually stayed up all night waiting in line for a laptop a few years ago.) This year, Dougle and I had no particular 'big' item we wanted to purchase. This means: no super early mornings. We still woke up at 7am, but didn't arrive at the stores until closer to 8:00am (it takes so much longer getting ready with a child)! We hit several sales before they ended, got several good deals, and went home exhausted and happy. To me, this is so much fun! There is so many good memories that are brought up when we participate in this holiday tradition: we've waited in lines trying to be one of the first hundred who enter and get a prise or gift card, we've frozen our little noses getting out earlier than we ever have so far that winter, and we've made memories splitting up with different parents and shopping for the other parent/sibling (we always bought TONS more stuff when we went with mom than when we went out with dad....ummm)! It is wonderful. I doubt they have "Day After Thanksgiving" sales in Russia (no Thanksgiving in November there), but maybe, just for tradition's sake, we'll hit a few stores early in the morning and conjure up all those happy thoughts and memories!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, it has been over a week since Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd go ahead and post. We had a wonderful holiday. Holidays are so much fun for me. They signify a time of family, friends, food, and fun (games). From Halloween until New Years, it seems like one holiday after another is thrown at you. It is great. But then I am always ready for normalcy when it is all over. But thats okay, because it will be a while again (10 months) before the partying starts again. Anyway, Thanksgiving was great. We spent it with my family and some regular Thanksgiving guests. This year was a relatively small group, consisting of my family (us 7), Jacob (David's brother), as well as Kathy and Bethany (our 'regulars' who always come for Thanksgiving). Rob, Denyce and Malachi dropped in for a bit too, but only snacked; they had a family meal scheduled for later that afternoon. We had a scrumptious meal, games, some football (a new addition since Dougle was added to the family), and a movie (we re-watched Transformers). We even did our regular Thanksgiving activity of scouring the newspaper for the next day's sales. (see next post for details). So, thanksgiving was fun again this year. It was very different than last year. Last year, Canaan was not even a month old. We were all tired from the several times a night feedings with Canaan. I was still trying to figure out the nursing thing (I think Canaan ate more that Thanksgiving than any of us!). Whenever any one had a break from cooking or eating, they were holding Canaan or waiting in line to hold him. And at any time during the day, there were at least 6 people staring at Canaan with loving eyes. This year, we were trying to keep up with the active little boy. Everyone still stared at him with loving eyes; he knew it too, because when he did something cool (like stack his blocks 6 high), he turned around to see if we were watching. What an ornery little boy! So, we are still so very thankful for him this year too. What a blessing this past year has been! God is so good to us! PS. I forgot to mention: we had a White Thanksgiving. We got our first snow of the year on Thanksgiving Day. It came down in thick, beautiful snowflakes.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, I am straying from my All About Canaan to put a personal post. I imagine I will do this from time to time, so I hope you all don't mind. Our world at times seems to revolve around the baby, but we do have a life as a family and individuals too! This post is about my glasses. I have worn glasses since the third grade. At some point in high school, my doctor realized I need prisms. My eyes wander (and sometimes cross); prisms help re-direct my vision so I can focus properly. I have 5 prisms in each lens and technology hasn't advanced far enough for them to put more than 3 in contacts. I don't know if I'd go for contacts or now if I had the chance now. I've worn glasses for so long, and the thought of touching my eyeball almost grosses me out too much. But, for now, I have no choice. I have included some pictures of my glasses changes over the past several years. There is a picture of me when I was a freshman in HS ('96), one of me at my HS graduation ('99), one from a few years ago ('06)(with the red glasses I've worn up until recently), and the last one is of me in my new brown frames ('07). I contemplated sticking with my old red frames and just getting new lens. However, my frames snapped in half a few weeks ago (during class!), necessitating new frames. I had a hard time giving up the red, because I loved it so much. But I couldn't find a pair that we (me and those looking at me everyday) would be happy with.

The Otter

Well, from my comments, I found out that the Baby Einstein blue puppet is supposed to be an otter. It was 'so obvious' to some (like my smarty pants brother-in-law). I will let you make your own decision. I guess there is some resemblance. Here is the Baby Einstein picture, and here is a picture I got from some government website. (

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Year Milestones

To confess up front, I am stealing this idea from my friend Timbra Wiist. She keeps up a cute blog about her family (mainly her little girl- Alani). Alani is about 7 months Canaan's senior. Anyway, Timbra does a post on Alani's month birthdays (15 mos, 18mos, etc.) that records all her milestones she's reached. I thought it was a great idea. Since Canaan just had his first birthday, then I can tell you all about where he is at in the baby world. Though I am very convinced that Canaan is my little genius, I do know all babies reach different milestones at different times. Even Canaan seems a bit behind on some things (like he doesn't point or gesture at much now), but I think he is ahead on other things. So I guess it all evens out in the long run! So, here I go at bragging!

Up-to-Date Stats
Height: 30 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 20 lbs 6 oz (20th percentile)
Head Cir: 19 inches (85th percentile)

7 Teeth
Light Brown Hair
Green(ish) Eyes


Physical Feats
Canaan was a late crawler, starting around 9 1/2 months of age, but started walking at about 11 months of age. He would walk with his hands stretching out straight in front of him for about a month; many people thought we should dress him up as Frankenstein for Halloween because of his entertaining walk. Now that he is 12 months, he is toddling around without any hand balance. When he gets really excited, Canaan tries to run. It is adorable: we'll pretend to chase him and he starts walking/running away as fast as he can. But he is so excited, his legs get a bit stiff-which makes it hard to get anywhere fast.
Canaan also has started throwing a ball. It is just an excited hand thrust-and-release. But it gets the ball rolling forward for the most part. He also loves pushing around his big truck and small trucks.

Canaan has been our little verbal genius. He started with uh-oh at 7 1/2 months. When he turned 9 months, he already said 4 words. Now, at 12 months, Canaan has about 23 words. They include: book, Bible, truck (uck), tractor (trator), daddy (dad), bye-bye, up, sock (ock-usually he calls his shoes socks), uh-oh, auntie (a-tee), UD (stands for Uncle David), Gran-nan (Na-nan), Grand-dad (dad-dad), thank you (da-doo), ba-ba (any animal except cat), hi kitty cat (hi key-tat), ball (ba), teeth (teet), elbow (e-bow), bath (bat), all done (all), peek-a-boo (a-boo), drink (nk).
We've also been signing with Canaan. Although his verbal vocabulary is so big, he relies on the signs to help communicate these important words: help, more, please, eat, milk, more, elephant, all done, and (waves) bye.
Canaan has started putting together random syllables lately. I think this is the beginning of babbling. He hasn't really done this yet. He always has been intentional with his words up until now.
Canaan also can point to certain body parts. He can identify his toes, ears, head, teeth and fingers (by wiggling). This must be attributed to his Gran-Nan buying him a flip book with body parts. He loves to read it, so we go through everything as he does. The first time he heard the word elbow, he said it and can identify which picture is the one of the elbow! Kids are so funny as to what they pick up on.
Canaan also gives high fives and claps when asked. (He's been doing both of these since he was 9 months old.) Canaan thinks clapping is TONS OF FUN! He always smiles and cheers up when we clap. If we are having a hard time getting him to smile for a picture, we start clapping with him and he smiles instantly! He even claps for himself if I tell him he's a 'good boy.'

  • Even now, Canaan definitely has some preferences. He loves books. Often the first words that pass his lips after we get him out of bed is: a book. He loves reading. This past week he's been sick and has constantly asked for a book. He just likes to cuddle on your lap and read. Right now, Grand-Dad is his favorite book pal. If he is around, then that is who Canaan wants to read him a book.
  • Trucks are his favorite toys. He calls anything with wheels a "uck" (despite mommy's efforts to help him identify that some are cars or trains). He does recognize a tractor (ta-tr) with little or now prompting. But trucks are the light of his little life. I have decided they are a wonderful and pure boy toy. So, we are all about trucks these days. This is actually the one thing that will distract him from a book! Balls are also a big hit lately. He loves to carry two around and throw them toward us.
  • Baby Einstein. We bought him a movie about a month ago. It is "First Signs." We thought it would help him with his sign vocabulary. Until recently (since he's been sick), he would only sit for 15 minutes of this 27 minute video. His favorite part about it is this little blue puppet. I am in a quandary as to what animal it is supposed to be, but I think it is supposed to be a cat. I have included a picture of it so you can ponder as to it's identity as well.

  • He is definitely a home boy. He loves being at home. We can keep him out late, past his bedtime or nap, but when we get home, he has to have some 'unwind time' before bedtime. He just loves playing with his toys and being amongst familiar surroundings. He is pretty good at independent play, though he has started wanting more interactive play with mommy here lately. He also loves helping mom around the house. He goes behind me and shuts all the doors I open, including the fridge door and all cabinet doors I try to open. Often he shuts the doors before I am finished digging in them. Ummm. He also likes to help with the dishwasher. He will pull in and out the racks. We've begun learning not to touch the silverware, because he always reaches for the sharp knives. When he thinks I should be finished with the dishwasher, he closes it all up for me. The other day, he was helping me with the laundry, carrying around two empty detergent bottles. What a big helper I have! :)
  • Animals. Canaan gets very excited when he sees our cat. He squeals delightedly as he says hi kitty cat! He also likes dogs, horses and other animals. He clumps all other animals (besides the cat) into the word: ba-b0. Very strange. I haven't figured out yet where that came from.
  • Canaan is an excellent sleeper. However, he has become attached to his pacifier and blanket for sleeping. The pacifier is a good thing; when he doesn't have it, he sucks his fingers or thumb. The blanket was an accident. I think we are going to have to get a 'back up' blanket for when we move- just in case mommy accidentally misplaces his favorite one.
Culinary Delights
Canaan is still hanging onto his bottle. He loves his milk. Right now I am mixing it half formula with half real milk. He is doing well with that. He loves to drink our drinks- especially from a straw. He like pretty much anything we are drinking. In his own cup, he likes water and some watered down cranberry juice. That is all so far.
Eating is a bit of a challenge right now. He still loves his baby oatmeal (the stuff that tastes like paste and cardboard). He does like cream of wheat and regular oatmeal too. He likes Mommy's homemade rolls (who doesn't?). Yogurt is a big hit now. He will eat up all you'll give him! He is currently not eating baby food anymore, but will try a lot of what we eat. He'll eat many cooked vegetables. Spaghetti is also a favorite. However, he almost refuses to even put fruit to his lips. He's never been real big on the baby food fruit and that has carried over into regular fruit. He used to like bananas, but he'll have none of those anymore. In fact, whenever I put something into his mouth that he doesn't like, he starts gagging. He even started gagging the other day when I brushed a grape across his lips to see if he'd like the flavor. What a silly boy!
I haven't been brave enough to let him feed himself with a spoon yet. I think I will be starting soon though!

I'm sure I could write TONS more about our little boy. But I will stop myself. I hope you enjoyed reading ALL ABOUT CANAAN!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Poked and Prodded

Babies spend their whole fist year being poked and prodded. Once babies are successfully squeezed through the birth canal, they are pulled out and stuck. We've gotta know their blood type, if their blood sugar looks okay (if it doesn't - like Canaan's- they have to poke several more times to monitor it), etc. Once they are released from the hospital, they get shots and more shots, every three months during their well-check appointments. Don't get me wrong, I know it is for their own good, but the poor babies! Well, this past week, not only did Canaan have to get 7 shots during his one year appointment (we had to get a few extra for Russia and the flu shot), but he had to get his blood drawn! (Dougle, Canaan and I all had to go in and get HIV tests as a part of our VISA application process for moving to Russia.) The guy who did our tests for us used a butterfly needle, which is smaller than a regular one for kids. But babies' veins are so small, he missed the first time and Canaan had to be poked a second time in the other foot. Then, because of the small needle and veins, the blood comes out a bit slower; poor Daddy had to hold our crying Canaan through the ordeal! The pictures are from after we came home, with bandages on both his precious feet. Our poor little boy! I did want to make a special note to say how blessed we've been that Canaan has been healthy and not needed additional testing/surgeries for additional pokes and prods because of a health condition. I know there are many babies who live in hospitals and are constantly poked; we are very blessed to not be one of those families at this time. We thank the Lord for our health!


Our second Halloween! Now that Canaan's been around for longer than a year, we are starting to have 'repeat' events and holidays. I suppose these 'repeat' events will soon become normal as we celebrate Christmas with Canaan for the 2nd, then 5th, then 15 th time with him (Lord willing). But, for now it is special.
Our first repeat holiday is Halloween. We spent it cuddled up warm in the hospital, with our day old son. It is a wonderful memory. We loved being in the hospital because everyone came to visit us and we got to proudly show off our son. Everyone took care of you, and didn't expect anything from you! What a precious time we had as a new family, spending with our extended family and friends! In preparation for last Halloween, we tried desperately to find our one day old son a costume, to no avail. The newborn costumes they make are huge on a true newborn, and most are sold out a month before Halloween.
This Halloween, we were able to participate in Sunset's annual 'Trunk R Treat." Members dress up and decorate their trunks and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids and church kids. They sell hot dogs, hot chocolate, popcorn and cotton candy all for the small price of 25 cents. I was sad because it got dark fast and we couldn't see everything so easily, but it was a lot of fun. Canaan mainly wanted to walk around and strut his stuff. He knows when he looks cute. So while his parents held his place in line, Gran-Nan and Canaan walked around the parking lot and let others oohh and ahhh over how cute he was. Canaan really enjoying this. He was even so good as to carry around his candy bucket with him. When we arrived at a trunk, Canaan would be ushered over and a friendly face would drop candy (for Mommy and Daddy) in his bucket. He didn't really get the whole line idea and getting candy in your bucket thing. It took until the end of the line before he really caught onto the idea. He was just too busy strutting his stuff to be bothered with staying in line. That is why I really don't have a picture that is not blurry or him! He wouldn't stand still for a picture! So, I included the blurry ones for you to see and enjoy! As much as Canaan enjoys being cute, his parents love showing off his cuteness!
PS. If you couldn't tell, Canaan was a DRAGON for Halloween.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Canaan Kirt!

Canaan is ONE YEAR OLD! We celebrated his birthday Monday night with family and friends. Canaan was wonderful. When kids are one, it is so hard to predict how they will act at any time, let alone on that 'big day'. Right before his party started, Canaan started rubbing his eyes and acting grumpy. But, no worries, he was great! Canaan was a little clingy during parts of his party; I think all the people and excitement just got to him a bit. Overall, though, he was a great partier! He even did spectacular opening his presents. He helped peel the paper off the gifts, played with all the toys (didn't look twice at the clothes), and only cried when we took away one gift to open the next. So, we learned to do quick transitions between presents.
As for eating the birthday cupcake- he wasn't so impressed. He took a few bites of it; either he didn't like it (it was chocolate- could he be related to me and not like chocolate???), or he was too tired from all the other activities to properly enjoy it. Who knows. We got a few pictures of him eating it, but when we went to take a family picture, he started crying. Mommy and Daddy were smiling, but not our sweet boy-he was in a full cry. Poor thing.
All the other kids did excellent too. Malachi (Rob and Denyce's boy), Noelle (Matt and Vanessa's girl), and Grant (Russel and Alison's little boy who was born on the same day as Canaan) were all great sports throughout the festivities. It was such a wonderful night; we all had a blast!
Our theme was TONKA Trucks. Canaan is stuck on trucks. He LOVES them. So, I was giddy excited to find Tonka truck plates and decor at Party City. I called Dougle (who was in Dallas for support stuff) and told him excitedly about my find. What a silly MOM I am!
It was just perfect!
At his party,Canaan came away with blocks, trucks, trains, clothes and more! What a blessed little boy he is!

We thank God an awesome first year with Canaan Kirt. We also look forward to an amazing new year with Canaan Kirt!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Canaan Kirt!

Our baby is growing up! God has blessed us with one wonderful year so far with our son. He has just bloomed into such an amazing boy. We have watched with delight as he just laid beautifully before us when he was just one month old. We were even more delighted as he began to reach out and grasp things. Then he started moving his little body around more, playing with toys, sitting up, reading books, talking, crawling and walking. Also developing more every day has been his personality. For the most part, he is very calm and laid back. He plays with others and by himself. He is pretty good about going to others if someone familiar is close by. He has his stubborn moments, starting to insist on certain things, as well as testing the waters as to how much Mommy and Daddy really mean what they say! He loves to play and tease. He still loves to read books, and requests "a-book" several times each day. Canaan is love-struck with TRUCKS. They are his favorite toys, and he loves to watch them drive by (especially the big dually diesel engines or semis). He also has developed a liking for balls and has learned how to toss them gently forward. Canaan has been an amazing blessing to Dougle and I, as well as all our family. God has richly granted us this precious gift, and we want to thank Him and give him glory every day!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Surprise from Auntie Livi

A few nights ago, Auntie Livi (and UD) surprised Malachi and Canaan with photo frame pumpkins! She crafted these herself, after reading a nifty article in a magazine. Isn't she just the sweetest Auntie to these two boys?

So Close

When in Phoenix, we realized we were only 7 hours away from LA, where Dougle’s mom lives. So, we left Phoenix half a day early and drove to LA, passing near one of the fires on our way in. We were only able to stay two nights, one day. But it was so wonderful for Canaan to be able to see his Memaw and Grandpa once more. Memaw and Grandpa also got to see Canaan walking and talking. This was a blessing being able to see them, even for a little bit. The trip home was long, but good. Canaan was excellent this whole trip- to Phoenix, LA, and back. We are just so proud of him!

The last picture is a fun game Memaw found- give tape to the baby! Canaan would just walk around playing with it; when it lost it's stickiness, Memaw just have him a fresh piece!

On the Road Again...

This past weekend we were able to drive to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit the sponsoring congregation of our teammates, Rob and Denyce. After a long, 16 hours drive (about 12 hours driving, plus 4 hours stopping time for the 2 babies and the pregnant woman!). We were blessed to stay with the Jahn and Teresa Jared and their six year old little boy, Christian. The Jareds were so hospitable and loving; their son Christian was a wonderful playmate for Canaan. When he heard how much Canaan loves trucks, he brought them all out. There were trucks and tractors of all types. They played with trucks at every spare moment we had. By the time we left, Canaan had acquired a new word: tractor!

The Sun Valley church of Christ at Phoenix treated us so kindly. They planned a game night, as well as a church fellowship; some of the members took us site seeing the other two days. It was a great time to get to know our partners in Phoenix. We are blessed to have them as part of our mission to Russia.

I have pictures to share, but they will come later when I have access to them!

Also in Houston...

I was so busy after we got back from Houston that I forgot to post about visiting Tiffany and her new bundle of joy! Canaan and I stayed overnight at Tiffany's house while we were in Houston. (This was one of the pink beds that Canaan stayed in.) We got to meet baby Emily, who was just 2 1/2 weeks old! Tiffany and I had a great time catching up and talking about baby stuff. Wow! I can't believe it has almost been a year since Canaan was that small!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Friends in Houston

Last week we had some unexpected time off, so we jumped in the car and headed off to Houston. Our friends, Guy, Nan and Aspen (just one month younger than Canaan) moved there last May and we have missed them! We also felt Canaan should see his betrothed, Aspen Belle, once more before we left the country. In Houston, the kids had a great time playing together and butting heads while we parents enjoyed each others company, gazing at our beautiful babies together, exchanging funny kid stories, etc. Aspen and Canaan didn’t always know what to think about the “other baby” in the same house as they were in! I think both are used to being the very center of attention. Overall it was a wonderful trip. We will miss you Guy Nan, and Aspen!