Monday, May 4, 2009

Team Retreat

Last week we had our team retreat. We went out to a cute little hotel just outside of Kharkov. It was perfect: we were out of the city, but didn't have to drive or train far away to get there. There was a big grassy area right outside the place where we could run around and play various sports. The people there were friendly and helpful, and the rooms were wonderful and clean! We had such a wonderful time.

On the retreat, we had lots of team discussions and evaluating about our time in Ukraine up until now, what we are doing now and where we hope to be (and how we plan to get there) in this next 6 months/year. It was a great time of reflection and devotion and some prayer.

The boys had fun playing together too. During their naps, we adults got to play some card games and chill a bit too. The day we left, we even hunted Easter eggs. Thank you Lindsay for sending the cute little easter eggs with candy. The boys had a lot of fun running around and finding them!