Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Canaan Funnies

I have been keeping a list of Canaan funnies. Thought I'd share. Hope these bring as many smiles to your day as they he does to ours!

Figuring out How the World Works:

Canaan: Why does it not rain at our new apartment?? - He said this because he has only seen it snow here, because we moved to our new place at the beginning of the winter.

David (talking to Canaan on the phone): I heard you played games today.
Canaan: You HEARD me playing???!!!

Canaan: When Max gets bigger, he'll be me!
Mom: Nooo.
Canaan: When he gets bigger, he'll still be Max??
Mom: Yep.

Canaan: I just said 'excuse me' to my bottom. No- to my toots!- needless to say, I had to tell him WHY we say excuse me when we toot!

Canaan: Which animal do Cheerios come from??

Mom: Canaan, do you need a tissue?
Canaan: No, I just need a new shirt!

Canaan: Max's snot looks like icicles!!

Canaan: Help! I'm trapped! Mommy, trap me un-up!

One Step Ahead of the Game:

Canaan: It still hurts, but I'm not going to cry. Mom, why don't you like whiny boys?
Mom: Do you like whiny people?
Canaan: Yes....Are you going to cry for me?

Canaan: Mom, there is 2 options. Do you want to paint or play cars with me?

Canaan: If you don't share with me, I'll be sad.
Senya (his friend): How sad??

Mom: Do you think Auntie will share with you?
Canaan: Yes, that is the polite thing to do!

Mom: Canaan, when are you going to learn how to poop BEFORE you go to bed??
Canaan: But, I'm just a little kid and I don't know how!

Educating Mom about life-

Mom: We can play fish.
Canaan: Go Fish. Not 'fish.' Fish swim in the water, but these don't go in the water. They are cards.

Mom: Soup will make you feel better.
Canaan: Sandwiches will make me feel really, REALLY better!!

Applying It to My Life- these are two of my favorites!

--We were studying about Abraham and Lot. The story was how their herdsmen were arguing and Abraham told Lot he didn't want them fighting. So, Abraham told Lot to choose which half of the land he wanted. He let Lot 'choose first.' (And, Lot chose the best land.) I was trying to teach the boys that they should let others 'choose first.' Like with toys or food. Something hard for 3 year olds. I held out two pieces of bread, one smaller and not as good and one bigger. I asked the boys, "What would Abraham do?" Canaan quickly replied, "He would let ME choose first!!"

--Dougle was being sweet and stopping somewhere to get me a hot drink. He went in and got it, but while we was inside (it was taking several minutes), Canaan kept asking over and over when Daddy was coming back. I had told him (several times) he would come out as soon as he got my drink. Finally, I was a bit snappy and told him, "Stop asking me that. I already told you." Afterward, I felt bad and so I looked back at him in his car-seat and said, "Canaan, you know I love you. " Canaan replied, "If you love me, you'll share your drink with me."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I thought I had more pictures than just these two to post. But, I guess not. The images are just in my mind and heart, not in my camera. However, I'll still write just a snip-it of info on this subject. I've mentioned it before, but each week, as Max's personality and ability to play and do new things grows, the boys start doing more and more with each other.

Max engages Canaan by going over and grabbing a car to play with next to him. Or if Canaan is writing on the white board, then Max will grab a marker and begin to 'write' too. Sometimes he'll crawl up to Canaan (still not walking on his own yet...) and swipe from him whatever he is playing with. Canaan engage's Max by talking really loudly to him (he doesn't have a hearing problem...he's just found this as the best way to get his attention). He will say, "Let's race!" or "Let's chase each other!" and start running away from Max around the couch or table. Other times, he mimics what we do with Max or what we do with him. Recently he's been tearing up bits of his bread or food into small pieces and giving them to Max while we eat. Or he blocks the path Max is crawling in and says, "Just say please and I'll let you through." Sometimes this irritates Max and I have to step in. Other times, he'll just say, "Good job saying please Max!", pretending that Max answered him.

I keep writing about this, probably because it makes me smile so much. Max is in love with his brother- mimicking EVERYTHING he does. Or just even being near Canaan makes him happy. And Canaan is starting to warm up more and more to Max, as he gets more interesting to play with- I think! And when they talk 'with' each other, it is so precious to a Mommy's ears. I can't wait to see how they grow up together, and pray they will be best friends like my sis and I. What I heard the other day from Canaan gives me hope: "Hey Max, 'ole buddy!"

Friday, March 12, 2010

And here I thought Spring was coming...!

I have been thinking about updating my blog so much recently, but haven't had a chance to carve out some time yet to do it! I have pictures and news to share and information I like to have written down here, since it is my 'journal' of sorts. But for now, just a few pictures.

For the past week, the sun has shone almost every day! And, it has been getting warmer- ABOVE freezing every day! The snow has been melting, the roads and sidewalks have been semi-clear and dry, and the enormous patches of deep ice and old snow that was shoveled into piles to the side of the road, were diminishing in size.

Then, we woke up this morning to snow and clouds!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!