Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Cutest Two

Ok, Dougle already put this on his blog, but I had to post it on mine too because it was just TOO CUTE! Do I have the cutest boys or what?
Sometimes Dougle and I wonder where Canaan came from! He is such the crack-up and ham that neither of us are! Now, the 100% Sweet One on the left, he is 100% Mommy! :) Daddy thinks different....!
Really, WE BOTH ADORE EACH OF OUR BOYS! They are so special! We thank God for them every night, in addition to praying for wisdom in how to raise them before Him. That is the most important thing!
And we enjoy showing them off to you all!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Here are some pictures of my sweet boys. I can't get them in any order now, so you will have to just bear with the random-ness of them.
Canaan was able to play his first game of baseball. He wasn't as into it as Malachi, who is 14 months older, but he enjoyed swinging the bat around and running around to the different 'bases,' which were trees. It was so cute watching the little boys play. Rebecca Brinley brought a nerf bat and ball to play with the kids while they were here. (She and her husband Tim came to lead our team retreat; they were former missionaries to Russia and now live in Greece.) When Canaan got bored playing, he just went and climbed a nearby tree and watched the game! Anyway, she left the nerf set with us, which was super nice. Thank you, Rebecca!
Malachi, on the retreat, turned 4. We had a birthday party for him too. Some of the pictures are from that. He was very gracious, letting Canaan touch and play with his new toys from the start!
There are also a few pictures of when we were in Kiev, while visiting Dougle during his 3 week Russian classes there. Oh, and a few from Maya's birthday party.
Hope you enjoy! I'll try to do better, one of these days!