Monday, June 11, 2007

Martin Great-Grandparents

On Saturday, June 9th, we went to Farwell, Texas to celebrate my grandparents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. It was wonderful. We got to see and catch up with cousins and aunts and uncles that I hadn't seen in years. Canaan also got to see his Martin great-grandparents (Lucy's Dad's parents) again. It was a wonderful day to celebrate my grandparent's commitment to one another for so long. They are such an example to us!

Auntie Livi

Auntie Livi and Uncle Ud are favorite attractions for Canaan. They love to drop by and play with Canaan. Just the other week, they were driving in from out of town. I asked if they were going to drop by our house on the way home. They said they were thinking about it, but since they weren't going to get in until after nine at night- which meant Canaan would already be in bed- they thought they would just wait until the morning to see us! Now I know where we rate! Here is Canaan with his Auntie Livi, just hanging out and being cute together.

Third Tooth

Canaan is now cutting his third tooth- right in time for our next road trip! Canaan cut his first tooth while we were in LA visiting Dougle’s mom. Now, on the eve of our next road trip, we’ve found another one poking through. He is getting a tooth on top this time; it is not one of the middle two, but one to the right of those. Trying not to be a worrisome mom, but failing, I talked to our dentist at church about it. He said it was perfectly normal for his teeth to not follow the regular pattern of coming in. So, my boy already is a non-conformist! We are so proud! Here is a picture of his first two teeth. They are finally getting big enough to see when he smiles!

Aspen Belle

Canaan has several friends. One of these is the beautiful Aspen Belle (Guy and Nancy's little girl). Aspen is almost exactly a month younger than Canaan. They were pledged to each other before birth. :) Aspen and her family just moved to Houston, so while we are sad about them leaving, we are also excited about the new opportunities that await them there.

Here are some great pictures of Canaan and Aspen. The first is when Aspen was first born. The next is of them at the end of May, right before she left. I just love the third. Canaan is absolutely centered on his toy, and poor little Aspen is getting none of his attention, if he can help it.