Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Blog

I am announcing that I am starting a new blog. While I hate to leave behind my blogspot blog, I have made the decision to join my husband in switching to Posterous. It is sad, but good at the same time, and I have listed the reasons below, in case you are interested. The important information, is that if you want to subscribe to my new blog, you may do that very easily. Just go to the right side of my new blog page and click "Subscribe to this blog." You will receive e-mails every time I post.

The new blog can be found at:

The reasons I love my blogspot (this) blog:
  • It can be personalized easily with Max and Canaan's picture up top.
  • Blogspot has pretty themes- this green one on the sides, with green print is fun and they have many different themes to choose from.
  • It was here I got my first taste of blogging.
The reason I am changing to Posterous:
  • It is SOOOO Easy to post. All I have to do is send an e-mail to my new blog with the pictures I want posted as well as the text. The blog automatically formats all my pictures and posts my text for me. Since half of the work on doing my blog on this blog (blogspot) is that it takes so long to resize and upload pictures and arrange them so they don't look weird with the text, switching blogs is going to make it so much easier. I am hoping that motivates me to post more.
Basically, I am trying to simplify my life in every way I can. While I don't want to completely do away with blogging, since it is such a great way to share our lives with family and friends, and keeps a great record for me of our lives, changing blog sites is helping in this area. Life recently has been too busy for me, with two precious, but stinker boys to keep me busier than I've been. Raising them is my main job and such a joy, but it takes lots of time and energy, especially at the ages and stages they are in now. I love it, and want to continue to love it. And it is my priority, and I want it to continue to be that way. So, I am getting rid of a few things in my life that I don't need and simplifying other things. I know you all out there have been there at some point in your lives and understand. So, I hope you enjoy the new, simplified me and my blog. Come on over and check us out. Just click on the link below!!


Timbra Wiist said...

have missed "hearing" from you through blogging, been thinking of you lately, and love the top pic. . .i'll miss you over here on blogger, i don't think i'm sold on posterous, as i in fact do not actually like the way the photos are set up. . . .FOR ME. . . good thing we got a new computer recently and it doesn't come to a screaching hault when i try to comment on posterous blogs now, so i can visit and comment more frequently!

Brandon Price said...

Glad you made the switch, and not because I hate blogger (quite the opposite, actually) but because I know how liberating it is to be able to post on Posterous. It makes blogging more fun.

And isn't it awesome that you were able to import your entire blogspot blog over there? Love it!

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