Thursday, April 8, 2010

Afternoon in the Park

It is warming up! Yeah! Well, it has been getting in the 50's and maybe up to 60 this past week! And the sun is shining! It is wonderful. About all the snow and ice is gone, except for patches here and there in shady parts. Everyone is out turning over the packed soil in their little dirt patches in front of stores, etc., preparing to plant spring flowers! More and more people are out hanging out, gathered around park benches, strolling through the parks, and general taking more time than normal to get from here to there. And I see more smiles and laughs. Spring is wonderful in so many ways.
Another convenience of spring is not having to dress up so much before going outside. Just a hat and jacket. No special boots, extra socks or tights, gloves, scarves, etc, etc. It is great. And since we aren't wearing such bulky shoes and coats, Canaan has about mastered the art of putting on his own shoes and jacket. That is so nice for me! Max will even bring me his shoes and socks! Of course, he brings them whether it is time to go or not. But I think he finally likes getting outside now! I don't know if it is a change in the weather, or his newfound ability to waddle around. Maybe both. But he loves going "ba-ba" these days.
So, on our free day, our family invited the Hindmans and Nelsons to the park for some fun play. We brought balls and a bat and frisbees and a trike for Max, since he isn't too good on his own walking yet. We all had so much fun. And we just soaked up all the sun we could get. It was wonderful! Here are a few pictures. We even met a few people who stopped in to play a bit with their kids. I LOVE Spring!


Nancy said...

Lucy, what a nice surprise to have an allaboutcanaan notice in my email this morning! I loved the pictures and article! You went back to red, I noticed! What a fun day; what fun pictures!

Alison said...

I love the pics! You have a such a cute little family. I'm so glad you're able to spend more time outside. I know it is much easier being a mom of boys when they can release energy outside!


Andre said...

Amen! Spring is the best!! After a long winter it's so good to get out of the house and for everything to turn green and bloom. We are getting ready to plant a little veggie garden, I am soo excited :)

I hope it gets even warmer for you guys soon! Your boys are adorable.

Andre said...

ok, i guess that i am signed into the wrong acct. that last comment and this one is from kim :)