Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I want to post a few more pics of our Prague vacation and write some more, but that will have to be a bit later. I have just a few minutes right now, and I can quickly post these. (I also put a bunch on my facebook account, so if you are interested in viewing them all, you can look them up there.)

Anyway, I've been searching for ways to get Canaan more involved with other kids and speaking Russian more. Recently, my friend Katya enrolled her son Senya (who is in the colorful striped shirt in the first picture) in gymnastic classes and suggested Canaan might enjoy it too. I really liked the idea, but Canaan gets very shy around new people, especially when they are speaking Russian. He can understand some Russian, and speak a little, but not much. So, I was very hesitant, wondering how Canaan would do.

He loved it! In his group were about 10 little boys and girls, all around 3 years old. They did various exercises with tumbling, and worked a little on the rings, bars, parallel bars, and trampoline. Canaan didn't understand everything, but was really good at watching the other kids and copying what they did. He was so excited to be there and do "tricks" that he cried when it was time to leave, saying he was only there a short time! I was so elated that he enjoyed the class! He'll be going 2 times a week, which I am sure he thinks is not enough! I'm so thankful for Katya suggesting it to me and for Canaan loving it!


Nancy said...

I didn't recognize Canaan in the first picture until I saw what he was wearing in the second one. He did look very happy to be there! That is so great! I'm also glad you pointed out his friend, Senya, since I was wondering which one he was.

Toni Burns said...

That really cool.
I am really looking forward to getting to see you guys when you are in the states this year. HOpe you enjoyed Prague, it definately is one of my favorite places.

Brandon Price said...

How cool! Maybe I'll join gymnastics too when I get there. Good idea. :o)

He'll definitely start picking up Russian real quick with this consistent exposure to other kids his age.